Thursday, August 29, 2013

We're starting off the Valley Book Club this year with this wildly popular legal drama/mystery by William Landay. The characters and situation are very unique, and they really made me think about how far we should go to protect our children, how deeply we can NOT know someone close to us, and how terrible things can, indeed, happen to good people.
First, there is a murder victim, a teenaged boy, found in a park. Then there is a DA who tries to approach and solve the case as he would any other, despite the fact that he has a son at the same school as the victim. Next comes the realization by the DA that his son was actually being bullied by the victim. This is followed by a lot of Facebook stalking by the DA, some damning evidence,  and a trial that tears apart their family and the community.
Finally, this is the part where you come to the library and pick up this fascinating book and read it for yourself. And better yet, come to the Valley Book Club's discussion on Sept. 5th.  We'd love to hear your insights!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The English Girl by Daniel Silva

So, I don't usually read too many series that are this long with the same characters. But Gabriel Allon and his cast of black ops spies are just too irresistible. While all series of this kind get a bit formulaic, Silva always manages to entertain me and leave me wanting just one more book.
The English Girl is the story of a kidnapping, a murder, some unrelenting memories, and the skilled team behind Gabriel Allon, Israeli spy, that bring them all together. Is the English girl gone for good? Has Gabriel lost? Will he ever become the chief of intelligence for  The Office? All burning questions. All revealed when you read this exciting new thriller by the master that is Silva. Enjoy!