Saturday, July 29, 2017

Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica

There are getting to be a lot of psychological thrillers since the phenomenal success of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train. If you liked those novels, you are sure to like this new one by Mary Kubica, one of my new favorite authors.

Told in alternating chapters from the two main character's points of view, we get a look into the marriage of Clara and Nick Solberg. They are a happy couple with two young children, seemingly living the dream. Nick is a successful dentist with his own practice, and Clara stays at home to raise Maisie and baby Felix.  But tragedy strikes, and Nick is killed in a car crash. Maisie is unhurt in the back seat, but she sees a "bad man" in a "black car." Her terror at these two things raises a lot of questions in the grieving Clara's mind. Was it an accident? Could it be a suicide? Murder?

All of these questions start to mess with poor Clara's head, as she starts to do some investigation of her own. With each new clue, she is convinced that the crash was not an accident caused by her husband's lead foot and the sun in his eyes. But the list of suspects and motives in her mind grows, as does her daughter's terror.

It is not until the very last chapter that the facts come together for both Clara and the reader. And while I didn't think Every Last Lie was Kubica's best, it is a fun, summer page-turner. If you'd like to try some others, check out The Good Girl, Don't You Cry, and Pretty Baby.

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