Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I so enjoyed Ruth Ware's thriller The Woman in Cabin 10 and couldn't wait for her newest book to hit the library. It is another taut, exciting psychological thriller mixing the elements of friendship, coming of age, mysterious death, and loyalty. 

Kate, Isa, Thea, and Fatima were all girls at a boarding school when they met and became close, playing a game where they scored points for telling random lies to those they thought would believe them. They liked to see who they could dupe into believing their ridiculous tales. They also shared their living quarters and their desire to be individuals as well as part of a family who would love them unconditionally. They all found that their family was the four of them. They then clung to the only adult they knew who would allow them the freedom to explore and experiment, Kate's father. But then, one night Kate summons them to her house to help her with a big problem. Someone is dead.

Years later, Kate summons them again with a short text that says simply, "I need you." The other women don't hesitate to come to her aid, leaving their new, adult lives behind as with strings of lies in their wake. The question they then face is: how far do you go to protect those you love? Should we be willing to risk everything to be loyal and uphold a promise? When do the lies have to stop?

Don't miss this spooky, twisty gem of a mystery filled with great characters you won't soon forget!

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